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Proofpoint Essentials Beginner

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Proofpoint Essentials protects small and medium-sized enterprises from today’s advanced threats, compliance risks and digital fraud. It offers enterprise-grade security technology and infrastructure—used to protect some of the largest organizations in the world—tailored to the needs of smaller enterprises.

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Small and midsized businesses (SMBs) are targeted with the same cyber attacks as large enterprises. Proofpoint Essentials is a cybersecurity platform that provides your SMB with enterprise-class protection and visibility with a modern, simplified management experience.
Proofpoint Essentials Beginner includes:


  • Signature-based Anti-Virus: Proofpoint provides multi-layered antivirus protection in the cloud with sophisticated antivirus engines that are highly accurate, effective, and fast. It blocks all known viruses, while heuristic scanning discovers and protects against emerging threats.
  • Spam Filtering: Powered by the patented MLX machine-learning technology, Proofpoint spam and phishing technology efficiently analyzes hundreds of attributes in every email. This advanced scanning accurately filters emails by examining envelope headers and structure, content, email sender reputation, images and more, to prevent spam emails, malware, other malicious email and attachment-based spam from reaching inboxes. Each user has access to a consolidated user quarantine digest email with per-email options to “release”, “release and approve” to whitelist sender, or “block” to block sender going forward.
  • Zero-hour Outbreak Protection: Instantly protects users against new, never-before-seen email threats as soon as they arise, so customers know that their inbox is always secure. This fully automated solution defends against new outbreaks before most Antivirus vendors can issue updates.
  • Content Filtering: Intelligent email content filtering service enables organizations to use a flexible rules engine to enforce email communication policies. The content filter scans the header, subject, and body, and detect a large variety of attachments, including Microsoft Office, PDFs, compressed file types, executable files (.exe), and all major media types.
  • Outbound Filtering: Ensures all email sent through the Essentials platform is free from viruses, malware and other malicious content. Message trace functionality lets the sender know whether the message has been delivered, bounced, delayed, or rejected. Organizations can also add a disclaimer to all outbound mail.

Proofpoint Essentials includes advanced reporting capabilities and administrative controls like multi-level logins, domain management, comprehensive and instant log search, and Active Directory sync for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Azure.

  • Spam, virus, and zero-hour threat protection
  • Reporting

  • Protects uses and the business network from email-borne threats
  • Cloud-based service requires no hardware or software to deploy
  • Ensures business communications keep running during outages
  • Promotes compliance efforts
  • Service is updated automatically

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